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Forming business associations, mergers and acquistions is a high-risk game in this uncertain world of today. Complete Intelligence Solutions ( C.I.S ) offers in this uncertain world of today. Complete Intelligence Solutions ( C.I.S ) offers professional services to get you complete and accurate information on your complete and accurate information on your potential business and financial standing.Apart from alliances. Complete Intelligence Solutions ( C.I.S ) can play a very critical role in hostile take-over too.

Companies engaged in take-over proxy battle and other corporate struggle enlist Complete Intelligence Solutions ( C.I.S ) to develop vital information on the operation of adversaries.this information enable strategic planning by offering criical insight into :

(a) Character and intentions of opposing groups.
(b) Past acquistions.
(c) Non-disclosure of facts.
(d) Potential legal and regulatory compliances issues.

Complete Intelligence Solutions ( C.I.S ) provides comprehensive counselling services to assist business in managing diverse risk to their personnel and assets.
Our expertise is unrivalled in

  • Executive Protection Programme Enable you to concentrate on your business while we concentrate on your security, everywhere and at all times... in your office, while you're travelling, socilising, busy inmeeting relaxing etc.
  • Emergency Planning Business contingencies like executive kidnapping, extortion, full-scale evacutions through fires, business interruptions etc. Must be managed quickly and effetively, Complete Intelligence Solutions ( C.I.S ) are trained to develop emergency, response plans vary fast using a specially- trained crisis managemant team.
  • Diaster Recovery Planning Huge amount of money through theft and fraud can be recovered of Complete Intelligence Solutions ( C.I.S ) is called in immeditely to redtify the situation. our crack team acts quickly and efficency to ensure goods recovery.
  • Debugging Services

    debuggingVital information about your business plans and procedures can be tapped, recovered and stolen. Complete Intelligence Solutions ( C.I.S ) experts can detect and eliminate this bugging equipment through state-of-the art de-bugging devices. This can prevent leakage of information to your business rivals.